Meet our Faculty

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Academy Director

Small Business Owner

Dance Instructor

Choreographer, 25+ years

"It is my lifelong dream come true to serve my community with our very own 'Fame'-style performing arts school. I am deeply committed to the success of each and every one of our Academy students."

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Academic Director
Academy 4th-12th Grade Teacher
Tumbling & Acrobatic Instructor
Acrobatic Arts Certified
USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
Specialty: Acro, Tumbling, Academics

"I love the 'goosebump moments' when you can see a child succeed after months or years of hard work on a skill.  You can see all the pieces click into place, and witness the joy and sometimes happy tears, that come with a job well done."

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Academy 4th-12th Grade Teacher

Academy Humanities Teacher
MFA in Creative Writing

Bilingual Teaching Credential
BA in English Writing & Spanish
Certified Yoga Instructor

"It's my honor and responsibility to guide my students' growth as writers, readers, listeners, and speakers. Encore Academy's performing arts model is transformative. We develop critical thinkers and compassionate creatives who face the challenges ahead with confidence and curiosity."

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Academy Preschool Teacher
Encore Academy Parent

Lyndsay has worked and studied in early childhood education for many years, and is passionate about providing safe, creative opportunities.

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Academy Kindergarten Teacher &
Dance Instructor
Acrobatic Arts Certified
Specialty: Pre-K and K Dance, Tumbling & Academics

"At Encore we never stop encouraging growth, not only as dancers, but as people. Ceilings don't exist in Encore.  You can always go higher and dream bigger."

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Academy 1st-3rd Grade Teacher
Specialty: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade Education

"I love working in a place where children of all ages can dance, learn, and play in a fun environment.  My favorite part of teaching little kids is watching the growth and development from the beginning of the year until they graduate and go on to kindergarten."

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Dance Instructor

Cecchetti Ballet Certified

Specialty: Ballet, Lyrical,

CC began rigorous training in the ballet world at a young age, playing classical roles such as "Clara" in the Nutcracker Ballet.  She has studied with a wide variety of well-known teachers in the areas of ballet, Spanish flamenco, Chinese, character, and modern dance.  CC is certified in all levels of Cecchetti ballet training.

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Dance Instructor

B.S. Dance

Specialty: Tap, Hiphop,
Musical Theater, Ballet

Krysti's main focus in the classroom is balancing proper technique while encouraging individuality and character play. Her students are encouraged to entertain from the inside out. She loves nothing more than witnessing those "a-ha" moments both in the studio and on stage.

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Dance Instructor

B.S. Dance

Specialty: Jazz, Hiphop,
Competition Team

"Encore is a truly special, inclusive safe place for children to learn and express themselves through the art and physicality of movement.  I've loved watching my students grow, not only as dancers, but also as creative, compassionate, hard-working people."

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Dance Instructor
Acrobatic Arts Certified
Specialty: Ballet, Tumbling

Suzannah has studied both Vaganova and Cecchetti ballet styles, jazz, tap, modern, and tumbling.  Discovering her passion for teaching as a teenager, it led her to study set and costume design as well.  She is delighted to continue her dream of teaching at Encore.

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Academy 4th-12th Grade Teacher

B.A. English

Specialty: Humanities

"It is my great privilege and joy to guide and adventure along with young people as they discover and become their best selves."



Academy Teacher

35+ Years Teaching Experience

Specialty: Native fluency in Spanish & English, basic ASL teaching techniques

"Enthusiasm and creativity allow me to find new ways to keep subjects fresh and interesting to different ages and generations of students. I developed effective programs for students K to 12th grade encouraging play, free expression and curiosity while advancing on curriculum goals. It is my experience that academic progress and communication skills quickly improve when students are challenged, motivated, and taught with an emphasis on cultural awareness."