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Mission: "At Encore Academy we value life long learning and celebrate self-expression"


Encore has been home to happy children on the North Coast for 25 years.  Since its founding in 1996, Encore has been celebrated for its sterling artistry, award-winning business practices, and outstanding service to the community.


In 2012, Encore expanded into academics when we opened our performing arts preschool with remarkable success. In 2020, we expanded our program to welcome Kindergarten through 12th grade academic instruction.

Our exceptional hands-on curriculum is instructed and guided in person. Students will be paced to meet or exceed Oregon State Learning Standards throughout the school year. Group activities, tactile books and worksheet-based assignments bridge the gap between learning styles.


Our small class sizes provide a well-supervised and efficient learning environment. We cater to tactile, traditional, and auditory learning styles using workbooks, multimedia lessons and graded activities that bring academic concepts to life for our students.

Encore Academy inspires its young people to grow, learn, and succeed not just academically, but creatively and personally to the highest level, through its innovative curriculum and passionate faculty. 

We invite you to explore our site, discover the activities, meet our faculty, and enroll in Encore Academy. 

Contact us today to schedule a tour or submit inquiries.

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